🚨🚨Julio Jones Traded to Titans

Wow. It’s not official yet, but going to happen in the next two days or so:

Julio for a 2nd and a 4th.

I don’t understand how the price was so low for Julio. Most of the teams in the NFL could’ve gotten him at that price. It just feels crazy.

I didn’t believe the stories about the Falcons claiming they’d been offered a first-rounder for Julio. I think if that were true they would’ve traded him already.

My immediate thoughts: the Titans’ offense is obviously ridiculous now. AJ Brown, Derrick Henry and now Julio Jones with Ryan Tannehill slinging it. Those skill players are absolute beasts, all of them. The Titans offense is like the MonSTARs of the NFL.

Personally, I think Julio has been the best wide receiver in the league since Calvin Johnson retired in 2015. He may not always be healthy, and he doesn’t get as many touchdowns as he perhaps should, but in terms of size, speed, talent, instincts–there’s nobody better than Julio Jones. He’s an outlier among outliers.

I don’t care if Julio is 32. He is still an absolute monster. The Titans now have one of the scariest offenses in the entire NFL. Yes, I know they lost their offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, who became the Falcons’ head coach, but there’s just too much talent on that offense for them to not be top-10.

However, their defense was straight trash last season and I don’t know that they’ve really improved it all that much in this offseason. The question I had about Tennessee last year is the same question I have about them going into the 2021 season: can they stop anybody?

They’re definitely going to outscore a lot of teams, but I am just not sold on that defense. They had the worst pass rush in the league last year and they just lost Jadeveon Clowney, Adoree Jackosn and Malcom Butler. However, in fairness they did sign pass rusher Bud Dupree from the Steelers, and that dude can get to the quarterback. And the cornerback they drafted, Caleb Farley, is supposed to be pretty good. So I’ll withhold judgement on their defense until I see them in action. They also acquired DT Denico Autry and CB Janoris Jenkins. So maybe they’ll be better.

As for the Falcons, I know they traded Julio because they were kinda screwed by the salary cap and had to free up space, but what the hell is the plan down in Atlanta?

They passed on drafting Justin Fields or Mac Jones at #4 and went for Kyle Pitts in a move that seemed to signal they were not looking to rebuild. But trading Julio Jones is definitely a rebuilding move.

Again, I know it was mainly for salary reasons, but I really think the Falcons should’ve just committed to the rebuild in full and gone QB at 4. I love Kyle Pitts, I think he’s going to be incredible in the NFL and probably end up as the best tight end in the NFL in the next 2-3 years. And I think Calvin Ridley is a great wide receiver, too.

But they’re basically setting Matt Ryan up for failure by getting rid of his #1 target.

At the end of the day, this trade is about the Titans. They’re the better team and Julio is obviously incredible. I love their offense now, but I have a lot of questions about their defense.

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