Week 15 NFL Statistical Ranks

A few more tweaks to the statistical rankings formula: Double-weighted offensive points per game scored. I read an article that looked at the stats that correlate most with winning, and, unsurprisingly, points scored per game was #1. So I double-weighted the category in my rankings. Double-weighted turnover margin. Second-highest correlation with winning. Although with this… Read More Week 15 NFL Statistical Ranks

NFL Team Statistical Rankings: Week 12

First I will list the raw statistical rankings, then the rankings with strength of schedule factored in. As a reminder, the raw rankings take into account the following: Point differential, Yards per play, Passing offense, Passing defense, Rushing offense, Rushing defense, Scoring offense, Scoring defense, Turnover margin. Here they are: Saints (7.3): The Saints are… Read More NFL Team Statistical Rankings: Week 12