Alvin Kamara is the 2020 Fantasy Football MVP

It’s official. With a 6 rushing TD, 56.2 PPR point performance in Championship week, Alvin Kamara is the Fantasy Football MVP of 2020. Given that the game was on a Friday, it’s still too early to tell how many people won their Fantasy Football Championships because of Alvin Kamara, but I’m sure it’ll be a lot.

The reason Kamara is the fantasy MVP isn’t just because he had the most well-timed, historically-great running back performance in fantasy football history, although that was what sealed the deal for him in my view. It was primarily because he was also probably the guy who carried people to their Championships in the first place. He has been the #1 PPR running back since week 2 and after his Christmas performance he will undoubtedly finish as the #1 PPR running back for the 2020 season.

He had 1 bad game all year, and it was the Broncos game a few weeks back where he only scored 6.5 PPR points because the Saints just barely used him. They knew they were going to win because the Broncos were starting Kendall Hinton at QB, and so Sean Payton wisely realized there was no use in risking an injury to Kamara. The week prior, in Taysom Hill’s first-ever start at QB, Kamara only went for 10 PPR points, so that could be classified as a “bad game,” but 10 PPR points is bad only by Alvin Kamara standards.

Other than those two games, Kamara’s worst performance this year was 15.9 PPR points. He’s had a 38 point game, a 44 point game, a 34 point game and now a 56 point game. Those are matchup-deciding numbers.

Kamara was one of the few first round picks who didn’t disappoint. McCaffrey has missed most of the year. Barkley tore his ACL in week 2. Zeke has been a massive disappointment. Michael Thomas has missed most of the year. People who took CEH in the first round undoubtedly view him as a bust now.

Kamara, Dalvin Cook and Derrick Henry were the only first round RBs to pan out this season. Then you look at guys who went in the second round, like Miles Sanders, Joe Mixon, Kenyan Drake and Austin Ekeler, and it becomes clear that a majority of the top fantasy running back picks this year were either full-blown busts or at least disappointing. The fact that Kamara did so great while so many other running backs that people invested high draft capital in did so poorly is why I’ve got to give Kamara the nod as the Fantasy MVP for 2020.

Now, I can see a case for naming a sleeper pick like Justin Jefferson or James Robinson the Fantasy MVP. Those guys are putting up great numbers despite the fact that they cost fantasy owners very little. Those are usually the guys that put good teams over the top and win people fantasy championships. Depending on how early your draft was, it’s possible that you could’ve gotten James Robinson as a free agent and not even invested any draft capital at all into him. Now he’s the #4 PPR running back.

You could also look at a guy like Mike Davis, who has filled in for CMC this season and put up big-time numbers. He’s currently the #9 PPR RB.

ESPN published its list of most common players on rosters for people playing in fantasy football championships, and actually the most common player was Travis Kelce:

There’s a great case to be made for Travis Kelce, too. He has been so dominant at the tight end position that he is currently the TE1 by 55 points over Darren Waller. Kelce is at 290, Waller is at 235. Here’s the crazy part: the #3 tight end, Robert Tonyan, is at 164 PPR points. So Kelce is ahead of the #3 fantasy tight end by 126 points. That’s just absurd. He and Waller were the only two reliable tight ends in fantasy this year. Basically everybody else has been TD dependent and unreliable.

To have the consistent greatness of a guy like Kelce on your roster at the TE position when basically everyone else in your league except the Waller owner is struggling to find production from the TE spot is incredibly valuable, and it’s why Kelce is the most common player on the rosters of people playing for their fantasy football championships this week.

Kelce’s 290 fantasy points put him ahead of all but 2 running backs in PPR (Alvin Kamara & Dalvin Cook) and all but 2 wide receivers (Stefon Diggs & Tyreek Hill). There’s a great case to be made for him as the Fantasy MVP this year. And, speaking of Stefon Diggs, him too. He had a 6th round ADP in drafts and he’s now the WR1.

But Kamara sets himself apart from all the other guys because not only did he get people to the fantasy football championship, he won them their championships, too, with his performance yesterday. I know it’s still early and only two teams have played for week 16, but I’m already calling it: Kamara is the 2020 Fantasy MVP.

Getting 56 points out of a guy in championship week is the kind of thing fantasy football managers dream about. You make it to the Championship and you think to yourself, “Man, wouldn’t it be awesome if one of my guys could go off for like 50?” Alvin Kamara just made a lot of people’s dreams come true. He delivered the best game of not only his career but potentially the best running back performance ever on Christmas Day and during fantasy football championship week.

The last time a running back had 6 rushing TDs was 1929. Alvin Kamara just did it for the first time in 91 years, and he chose fantasy football championship week to do it. He’s the hands-down fantasy MVP of 2020.

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