🚨 Julio Jones on His Future With the Atlanta Falcons: “I’m Outta There”

I think this was scripted, but it looked spontaneous, ie. As if he didn’t know he was live and on the air:

The main quote here was when Shannon asked him if he’s going to the Cowboys or staying in Atlanta (Julio was recently photographed in a Dallas Cowboys hoodie), and Julio said, “Nah, man–I’m outta there.”

He went on to thoroughly refute the idea that he wants to play for the Cowboys. You’ll have to watch the whole clip, but he makes it very clear that he’s not going to the Cowboys. The hoodie must have just been a little joke or something, a way for him to troll the media and Cowboys fans. A red herring.

But he seems pretty sure he’s done playing for the Falcons and he will be traded. So this is big news.

People on social media are freaking out because it looks like Shannon might have “ambushed” Julio with the call and not told him he was on live TV.

But come on: Julio probably knows what time the show is on. I have a hard time believing Julio was not aware he was on live TV.

It was an unconventional bit, to be sure, but I’m skeptical Julio wasn’t in on it. It’s possible he had no idea he was on air, but I doubt he’s that naive.

So Julio Jones has likely played his last game with the Atlanta Falcons. Where does he go next?

Well, the Packers should absolutely be trying to get him. Getting Julio Jones would go a long way in convincing Aaron Rodgers to stay, at least you’d think so. But trading for Julio Jones is not something the Packers typically do. It’s uncharacteristic for them. So I doubt we see that.

He would be incredible on the 49ers, but they don’t have a ton of draft capital to give up for him, having traded a ton of picks away to move up for Trey Lance. I see people saying Raiders and I think that’s a real possibility.

There are rumors that he wants to go to the Patriots, and that’s also a good option. The Patriots are one of the few teams that could afford him. Derrick Henry wants him on the Titans, the Colts are allegedly in the running, and of course the Ravens are always thirsty for wide receivers. I’ve also heard the Chargers.

It’s hard to find odds on Julio’s next team because there’s conflicting answers on all these sites, but it’s safe to say there will be a lot of teams in the running.

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