It’s Official: LeBron James SUCKS at Basketball

The Phoenix Suns have just eliminated the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games, and it is now official: LeFRAUD James is a fraud and terrible at basketball.

Despite his 4 NBA Championships, 4 Finals MVPs and 4 regular season MVP awards, along with his 10 NBA Finals appearances, losing this series proves it: LeMICKEY is soft and has zero killer instinct.

Despite ranking #3 all-time in career points and #8 all-time in career assists, losing in the first round at age 36 after losing AD to injury in game 4 proves beyond a reasonable doubt: LeBITCH James is garbage.

We knew it all along.

However, I must give LeBUM credit for losing prior to the Finals. As we all know, it’s better to lose in the first three rounds of the playoffs than it is to make it to the Finals and lose.

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