NBA to Re-Examine Rules On “Unnatural Motions” by Jump Shooters to Intentionally Draw Fouls; PLUS, All-Defense Team Announced

It’s about damn time. I can’t stand watching a go up for a three then lean into the defender to try and draw contact, and still get the call:

When you shoot a jump shot, you are entitled to your vertical space based on where you take off from, and you should not be able to lean out of that vertical space and intentionally draw contact with a defender. It should be an offensive foul if anything.

This is what they’re talking about. There’s a whole 8-minute-plus compilation of Trae Young doing it:

And don’t even get me started on James Harden. I don’t think any player in the league exploits the rules more.

It’s a welcome change. These fouls are getting out of hand. It’s way too lopsided in favor of offenses.

Now here’s the voting for the NBA’s 2021 All Defensive teams:

For the first team: Rudy Gobert and Ben Simmons were unanimous, getting the maximum 200 out of 200 points each. Draymond got 176, then Jrue Holliday got 157, and Giannis got 135 to round out the first team.

The second team: Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler each got 111, Joel Embiid and his teammate Mattise Thybulle received 87 and 63 respectively, and Kawhi got 43.

Mikal Bridges of Phoenix just narrowly missed out with 39 votes.

So there you have it.

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