LeBron Blasts NBA for Putting Players at Higher Injury Risk

Damn, he didn’t hold back:

The thing is, he was saying this stuff before the season started.

I have been saying since the playoffs started that the shortened offseason was bad for players and likely causing all these injuries, but I was only saying that because LeBron was saying it. I figured he knew what he was talking about.

Now, with the news that Kawhi Leonard has an ACL injury and is out “indefinitely,” we have another superstar player down. The list of high-profile who have either missed games in the playoffs, missed games in the regular season and weren’t 100% in the playoffs, or had their seasons ended by injuries:

  • AD (calf, then groin)
  • LeBron (ankle)
  • Kyrie (ankle)
  • Harden (hamstring)
  • Jamal Murray (ACL)
  • Kawhi (ACL)
  • Embiid (meniscus)
  • Mike Conley (hamstring)
  • Jaylen Brown (wrist)
  • Donovan Mitchell (ankle)

Apparently it’s the most injuries to star-level players ever in a postseason:

Sure feels like it’s the most-ever, too.

You could also throw Chris Paul on there, but his shoulder injury was weird and kind of fluky.

But now Chris Paul is out indefinitely after going into Covid protocol. Who knows how long he’ll be out?

Chris Paul might literally be cursed, man.

Anyway, though: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the shortest offseason in NBA history has been followed up by the most injury-plagued playoffs in NBA history.

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