More Big Moves Made on Day 2 of Free Agency

Right around 2pm central/3pm eastern, some serious Woj Bombs were dropped:

  • Patty Mills signs 2 year $12 million deal with the Brooklyn Nets. It was reported last night that the Nets were out on Mills, but apparently that was untrue. The Nets now have shooting for days, but are probably going to look to add some size having lost Jeff Green.
  • Carmelo Anthony, 1 year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. He and LeBron are finally teammates. This news broke right after the Patty Mills news, so is it possible Melo was waiting to see if Mills signed with the Lakers before committing?
  • Right on the heels of both these stories, Woj announced that Malik Monk was signing with the Lakers. I mentioned Monk’s name on Monday as a possible target for the Lakers, but I didn’t think they’d be able to make it happen. No contract deals yet but I’m assuming Monk gave the Lakers a discount. Monk is a huge add: for one thing, he shot 40% from three last year, and second, he’s YOUNG (23) and the Lakers are one of the oldest teams not only in the league right now, but I’d imagine ever. The Lakers now have a ton of shooting, and they’ve still got the taxpayer mid-level exception to hand out if they want to.
  • Then, as if all that wasn’t enough, Woj broke the news that Steph Curry just signed a 4 year $215 million contract extension with Golden State. Looks like there will be no Curry-LeBron pairing ever. I mean, we knew this from the start, but then chatter started building during the season and people started to think, “Well, maybe….” When the Lakers acquired Westbrook, the door was pretty much completely shut. Now it’s shut for good. I think this confirms that Steph will be a Warrior for life barring something crazy. I’m excited to see how Golden State bounces back next season when they get Klay Thompson back. And they still have time to add some of the remaining free agents, although they don’t have a ton of cap space to do so.

Melo tweeted out this to announce his decision:

Love it. I think it’s so cool that he and LeBron will finally get to be teammates.

More signings:

  • Andre Drummond has signed with the 76ers. This is an interesting move: the Lakers and 76ers essentially just swapped Drummond and Dwight Howard for one another at the center position. My first thought was that it seems like it might not be the best fit alongside Joel Embiid as they’ve had some drama in the past, but then again, who hasn’t Joel Embiid had drama with in this league? I’m sure it’s just on-court mind games and back-and-forth, not anything deep or personal.
  • Kendrick Nunn agrees to a 2 year $10 million deal with the Lakers. Wow, another shooter. Nunn was 38% from three last season. Rob Pelinka is making moves.
  • Talen Horton-Tucker will also be back with the Lakers on a new contract for 3 years and $32 million. More depth, more youth. He’s long and can defend on the perimeter while providing an offensive spark. The Lakers really love this kid.

There are still a ton of free agents available. Here’s a sampling of the top guys still out there:

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