Carmelo Anthony on How LeBron Recruited Him to the Lakers: “Yo, I Need You”

This is a cool clip of Carmelo Anthony talking about what LeBron said to him when he called him about becoming a Laker this offseason:

“It was no-bullshit. It was a real call. I wasn’t expecting it–I mean, we talked about it the year before, about getting together. I heard it, and that’s my brother, I’ve known him since we were 15-16. I heard it, “Yo. I need you.” Say less.

This is a cool story. It wasn’t just a, “Hey, Melo. You’re getting close to the end of your career, let’s team up. We got a spot for you.”

It was a “This team needs you,” message from LeBron. I love that.

Believe it or not, the NBA season tips off in less than a month. Can’t wait.

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