Texans, Dolphins Nearing Trade for DeShaun Watson?

This is according to John McClain, the Texans reporter for the Houston Chronicle who appears to be the most plugged-in person regarding the team:

Now I know we previously heard that the Texans and Eagles were potentially nearing a deal for Watson, and that was months ago, but I guess it’s different this time.

The Texans could finally be getting closer to trading quarterback Deshaun Watson to the Miami Dolphins — a team they play Nov. 7.

Even though the NFL trading deadline isn’t until Nov. 2, a deal could go down this week, according to people familiar with the negotiations.

If the Texans and Dolphins are unable to consummate the trade this week, they want to get it done by the league’s deadline.

The Dolphins have been talking to the Texans about Watson off and on for months, and those talks have intensified into serious negotiations.

General manager Nick Caserio has been asking for three first-round draft choices and two second-round picks. Watson has a no-trade clause and would have to approve the trade. Miami is a team that’s been high on his list since he told the Texans he wanted to be traded after the 2020 season.

Via the Houston Chronicle

So it would appear the Dolphins have simply given up on Tua, who has only started 12 games in his NFL career.

Not only that, but we can infer from this that the Dolphins are not scared away by all the legal troubles surrounding Watson right now. At the very least, they must not believe they’ll compromise his entire NFL career. They might be willing to tolerate a suspension of some kind, but they must not believe this is something that will possibly result in him going to jail and being done in the NFL for good.

The trade deadline is November 2, so time is running out.

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