As If Patrick Mahomes Didn’t Have Enough Problems On The Field…

We all know the Chiefs have had a rough start to the 2021 NFL season, starting just 3-4 and tied for worst in the NFL in turnover margin at -10. Patrick Mahomes is tied with Zach Wilson for the most interceptions in the league with 9, and when combined with his 4 lost fumbles, his 13 total turnovers are behind only Kyler Murray’s 14, although Kyler has played one more game than Mahomes has.

Not only have things been tough on the field for Mahomes, he’s also had to deal with some off-field distractions, namely his brother, Jackson, the Tik Tok star, who caused a controversy a few weeks back when he stood on the 21 painted on the Washington Football Team field, in honor of the late Sean Taylor, to film a Tik Tok.

Jackson also made headlines earlier in the season when, taunted by a Ravens fan after the Ravens beat the Chiefs in week 2, Jackson dumped a water bottle on the fan and then stormed off.

Patrick’s wife, Brittany, is often featured in Jackson’s Tik Toks as the two of them usually watch Patrick’s games together up in a luxury box.

I get that the Tik Tok stuff with Jackson and Brittany is all in good fun, but it’s starting to become a story and a minor controversy given the Chiefs’ struggles. The Sean Taylor incident was the first time Jackson’s antics have come close to actually causing some real trouble for Patrick.

And now we see this video that surfaced today, where Patrick and Brittany are out to dinner, with Jackson tagging along, and the two are making Tik Toks while Patrick just sits there, eating chips and salsa, and looks like he wants to pull an Aaron Rodgers:

Jackson even has Brittany twerking for the camera in the second video, and you can clearly tell Patrick wants nothing to do with it.

It has been a rough 2021 season for Patrick Mahomes, and now he’s gotta deal with this.

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