Odell Beckham Signs 1-Year Deal with the Rams

It’s official:

The Rams are incredible, man.

They have now acquired Matthew Stafford, Von Miller and Odell Beckham in 2021.

Les Snead for Executive of the Year no matter what.

This man is something else.

I don’t know how the Rams were able to do it. They had to have convinced Odell to sign a really team-friendly deal given that they only had about $2 million in cap space left, but they got it done.

I thought Odell wanted to play for the Packers, but I guess not.

Maybe he believes he can become the #1 receiver on LA, whereas that would be impossible in Green Bay because of Davante. I don’t know.

Odell is clearly just ring chasing at this point, and who knows if he’ll ever try to become the #1 option he was in New York again.

The Rams are now as “all-in” as it gets on the 2021 season.

It is Super Bowl or Bust for them.

I have no idea how well Odell will fit into the Rams offense with Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods, but it’s safe to say he’s cool with not getting a ton of targets every game now. Because he certainly will not in LA.

I could see him eventually, if he signs long-term somehow, overtaking Cupp and Woods, but right now, with the relationship Stafford and Kupp have, I’m not so sure.

Bottom line, though, is I still don’t know if this makes the Rams the Super Bowl favorites. I’d like to say they are because of all the talent they have, but the last time we saw them they were getting blown out at home by the Titans.

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