Gilbert Arenas is a Conspiracy Theorist on the LeBron-Isaiah Stewart Incident, And I Love It

By now you’re probably aware of the LeBron-Isiah Stewart brawl that happened last night in Detroit:

Isaiah Stewart straight-up lost it. This man was seeing red. He looked like Marshawn Lynch during the Beastquake run out there trying to get after LeBron, busting out his teammates and coaches’ grasps.

Now, whether LeBron really did intend to catch Stewart right in the face and do some real damage, we’ll never know. I do think LeBron was pissed and definitely was trying to crack him one, although I don’t know if LeBron knew he would hit him square in the face. You can see that afterwards, LeBron is immediately remorseful and goes up to Stewart and starts talking to him. Maybe he was apologizing or saying something like, “Damn I didn’t mean to do it like that” or something of that nature.

There’s a difference in NBA altercations like this when a guy is immediately apologetic and remorseful, and when a guy just walks away, as if to send the message, “Yeah, I know damn well what I did.” Like when Ron Artest elbowed James Harden in the side of the head–he just kept jogging down the court and acted like nothing happened, even though there’s no way he didn’t know he had just elbowed a man in the side of the head as hard as he could.

Or like when Andrew Bynum just straight-up cross-checked JJ Barea as Barea was driving to the hoop. Barea collapsed to the floor, and Bynum just turned around and walked away. He knew exactly what he did, he wasn’t going to try and backtrack on it. Bynum meant to do it.

LeBron, though, looks like he’s genuinely trying to apologize for what he did.

I’ve been watching the Zapruder-esque breakdowns of The Incident, and I genuinely cannot tell if LeBron just blindly threw an elbow or if he looked at Stewart first, and then threw an elbow, knowing full well it would connect with Stewart’s face:

It’s really hard to tell exactly when LeBron turned to look directly at Stewart, but I’m sure it really doesn’t matter because most people have already made up their minds. LeBron haters will say it was deliberate and malicious, LeBron Stans will say it was unintentional.

Gilbert Arenas, on Instagram, had some things to say about the incident:

He said Isaiah Stewart is about to get sent to Budapest, I’m cracking up over here.

I’m not even going to bother trying to transcribe that.

Gilbert Arenas is hilarious. Dude is keeping it 100, though. He’s not wrong.

News just broke, though, that LeBron will be suspended 1 game and Stewart 2 games. That seems tame to me, at least for Stewart. LeBron, I’m not surprised. But I figured the NBA would’ve given Stewart more than 2 games just because of what Arenas said: rule #1 is don’t ever try to square up with LeBron or KD.

Stewart should consider himself lucky.

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