What Is Going on With LeBron Right Now?

It seems like The King has been involved in quite a bit of drama this season. First there was the incident with Isaiah Stewart, which led to LeBron’s first suspension in such a long period of time I honestly don’t even remember the last time he was suspended. It may well have been the first time for him in his 19-year career.

Then there was the incident with those two courtside fans last night in Indianapolis, in which he got them kicked out of the arena late in the game. Only people who were on the court last night know the truth about what they said to him to get such a reaction out of him, but it must’ve been quite nasty. LeBron has been hearing the worst stuff imaginable from fans for years and years, but I can’t remember any time in which he asked for fans to be removed from the building. It must have been really nasty.

This is the rumor going around:

If this is indeed true, then it’s understandable why LeBron got so upset. That is absolutely unacceptable to say.

So what’s going on, though? Why are there so many dramatic incidents and confrontations with LeBron this season?

Well, my guess is that people sense weakness. They think he’s fallen off or is in the process of falling off. They think he’s washed right now.

So many people hate LeBron. They’ve hated him for a long ass time. And now they finally see their opportunity to kick him while he’s down, or at least perceived to be down.

He got hurt last year, then the Lakers got knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. He’s been hurt a lot this year as well, and his team has been sort of stumbling out of the gate as they try to gel with all the new pieces.

People think LeBron has fallen off and they think this is their moment to go after him and dance on his “grave,” I guess.

LeBron is doing his best to maintain order in the kingdom, though. He had 39 points in that game against the Pacers with those courtside fans and the Lakers won in OT.

The Lakers are going to have to go on a decent winning streak soon here, though. That’s the only thing that will really quiet the haters.

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