Week 13 NFL Power Ratings: Bills, Bucs and Patriots Top The List

The Bills retain their grip on the top spot in the power ratings, although not by as much as in past weeks. It’s getting tighter up at the top:

The Bucs and Patriots come in at #2 and #3 respectively, and are very close to one another.

Notably, the Patriots will head to Buffalo to take on the Bills next Monday Night. It’ll be one of the biggest games of the regular season in terms of the AFC Playoff picture.

Arizona, the team with the best record in the league, is just behind New England, and the Cowboys round out the top 5 teams.

There is very little difference, in the ratings’ view, between the Rams, Colts, Packers and 49ers. The ratings see them all as essentially equal.

The Chiefs are finally moving back up towards the top-10 after a rough start to the season. They’re now sitting at #11 in the ratings after being in the 20s early on.

The biggest shock on the list: the Tennessee Titans down at #20.

The craziest part of the NFL this season is how differently the two conferences are shaking out: the AFC is basically wide open, with 12 of the 16 teams at .500 or better, while the NFC is very top-heavy, with only 6 teams at .500 or better.

The Washington Football Team now has the #7 seed in the NFC at a record of 5-6, although there are 3 additional NFC teams at 5-6 right now, the Vikings, the Falcons and the Saints.

Despite their 4 game winning streak, my ratings are not yet sold on the Miami Dolphins. They really don’t do anything well.

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