Notre Dame Officially Hires Marcus Freeman as Next Head Coach

And the players were certainly fired up:

What an awesome moment this was. You can’t help but get fired up. Those players love him. They’d run through a damn wall for the guy.

It’s pretty crazy to see Marcus Freeman as a head coach. I still remember when the dude was playing linebacker at Ohio State barely a decade ago. Just wild. Good for him.

I certainly hope it works out for Freeman there. He’s being thrust into a very big role after just one season as Notre Dame’s defensive coordinator. I have a feeling he’s going to be a hell of a recruiter, though, given the way his players rally around him.

I also hope the Committee will respect the fact that Notre Dame has a new head coach in place right now when it comes to the playoff. If Georgia wins and one of the other teams in contention loses, putting Notre Dame in position for a playoff spot, I hope the committee will respect the fact that while Notre Dame has lost Brian Kelly, they already have a new head coach in place who is familiar with the system and the players, and basically provides as much continuity as possible from when Brian Kelly was coaching. Notre Dame is doing their best to keep this thing held together, and I don’t think the fact that Brian Kelly bolted on them should be held against Freeman and these players. I think if they’re in position for a playoff spot, they should absolutely not be passed over just because their coach left them.

If, after the Conference Title games are all played this weekend, the Committee feels that Notre Dame would’ve been one of the 4 best teams in the country with Brian Kelly still coaching, they should still give Notre Dame the nod. Do not hold the actions of their old coach against these kids. It’s just unfair. These kids worked their asses off, went 11-1, and put themselves in position to possibly get a playoff spot. You can’t deprive them of that chance just because their coach left them. Give them the benefit of the doubt: give them the chance to rally around their new coach and show the country what they’re made of.

Wouldn’t it be the most incredible story if somehow Notre Dame wins the National Championship? It would be one of the greatest owns in history. Brian Kelly would probably have to retire. He cannot come back from that. He left Notre Dame because he didn’t think he could win a National Championship there, and then they win the National Championship after he leaves? It would be the greatest thing ever.

And speaking of Brian Kelly, this dude mysteriously developed a Southern drawl during his introductory speech at LSU:

It’s like he’s trying to affect a Southern drawl, but he doesn’t want to overdo it, so he’s kind of holding back a bit. It’s just bad.

Very cringe.

The memes are already hilarious:

And apparently Kelly is not having a ton of success in building his staff down there in Baton Rouge:

You can infer a lot from it.

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