The Bengals Are Going to Win The Super Bowl Because Joe Burrow is a Straight-Up Killer

The man does not give a fuck.

Absolutely right. Any man that shows up to the AFC Championship Game looking like that obviously does not intend to lose.

I should have put my entire life savings on Bengals moneyline the moment they showed Burrow walking up to the stadium looking like fucking Bel Biv Devoe.

Arrowhead in the AFC Championship down 21-3 to Mahomes? Joe Burrow doesn’t give a fuck.

Sacked 9 times on the road against #1-seed Tennessee? Joe Burrow doesn’t give a fuck.

Losing the coin toss in overtime, which is normally a death sentence? Doesn’t matter.

Blew out his ACL his rookie season? He doesn’t care.

Look, I have to give credit to that Bengals defense for stepping up big time after allowing three straight TDs to open the game. At one point it looked like Kansas City was about to win that game 49-10. But those boys buckled down and honestly stifled the Chiefs for the remainder of the game.

Tee Higgins made some incredible catches.

Joe Mixon had some very clutch runs, especially in overtime.

But the straw that stirs the drink is Joe Burrow. Joey Heisman. Joey 60 Tuddys. Joey Natty.

Joey Super Bowl.

The NFC Championship game hasn’t even kicked off yet but I’m already convinced: the Bengals are winning the Super Bowl.

Because Joe Burrow doesn’t give a fuck.

He’s a killer.

This man just brought the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl.


The Cincinnati Bengals are not supposed to be in the Super Bowl. But Joe Burrow doesn’t give a fuck.

Do you honestly think this man is going to lose the Super Bowl?

He’s not losing.

I am done doubting this guy.

Honestly, it’s not so much that I doubt him it’s just that I thought the Bengals weren’t quite ready.

But they’re ready. Joe Burrow is ready.

His teammate at Ohio State, Mike Weber, knew it back in 2017:

He was right.

He knew. We didn’t.

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