Adam Schefter Is Out of Control

So it’s now official that Tom Brady has retired from the NFL. We have technically “known” this for a couple of days, but we haven’t really known it because it was never confirmed by, you know, Tom Brady himself.

In fact since this story “broke” on Saturday, the only public comments to come from the Brady camp were from Tom Brady Sr., who said that his son hadn’t yet made up his mind, and then from Tom Brady Jr. himself who said literally yesterday that he hadn’t yet made up his mind.

Yet Ace Reporter Adam Schefter of ESPN “broke” the story on Saturday, citing “sources” close to Brady.

When the “news” broke on Saturday, Adam Schefter went on ESPN and, looking quite smug and pleased with himself, explained why despite no announcement from Brady, he, Schefter, had the story correct and that Brady was indeed retiring.

Something struck me as odd about the whole thing. As soon as I heard the “news” on Saturday, I went to Brady’s Twitter page and found nothing about retirement. Same with his Instagram.

Tom Brady in recent years has become quite active on social media. He has a sophisticated social media marketing operation, regularly posting professional-quality videos and photos. Surely if Tom Brady were retiring, he would announce it via social media in signature Brady fashion.

But there was nothing on any of his social media pages.

Partly out of “say it ain’t so” denial, and partly out of genuine skepticism over the way things went down, I refused to accept the Brady retirement as true even though all the big reporters were claiming it was indeed the end of the line for TB12.

Until Brady himself announced it, I wasn’t going to believe it.

And yet deep down I had a feeling it was true.

Surely Adam Schefter wouldn’t report Tom Brady, the Greatest Quarterback Who Ever Lived, was retiring without being absolutely certain it was true. It would be a massive embarrassment for Schefter if he got this story wrong, and it would leave an indelible stain on his reputation for a long time to come. If Brady actually wasn’t retiring, Adam Schefter would be known as the guy who tried to force Brady into retirement. His credibility would take a serious hit.

Though deep down, I knew it was true when it was “reported” on Saturday, something about it still felt wrong to me.

It just feels like one of those stories that, even if you do get the news first, you sit on it and allow Tom Brady the space to announce his retirement on his own terms.

I know “Schefty” is worried about maintaining his image as the best NFL reporter in the business. He probably figured that if he didn’t break the news, his rival Ian Rapoport would’ve.

But it still doesn’t sit right with me.

It was highly disrespectful and low-class for Schefter to announce Tom Brady’s retirement before Tom Brady himself.

Even if Schefter was right and that Tom had made his mind up on Saturday, Schefter was still wrong to go public with the story before Brady himself announced it.

Why would Adam Schefter do that? He essentially ruined Brady’s retirement and upstaged the whole thing. He denied The Goat the opportunity to retire on his own terms.

I think the reason is because Adam Schefter wanted to make it all about himself. He wanted Adam Schefter to be the story and the center of attention.

The Greatest Quarterback of All Time is retiring, but the real story here is that Adam Schefter had the news before anybody else!” -Adam Schefter

Way to steal Tom Brady’s thunder and make it all about yourself, Adam.

This morning, when Brady finally did announce that he was retiring, it was anticlimactic. We already “knew” it was happening.

And even now, Adam Schefter is a large part of the story. I see so many tweets today like, “Schefter was right after all!”

Adam Schefter succeeded in making Tom Brady’s retirement about Adam Schefter.

Brady himself even commented on being upstaged:

He even seemed to take a little shot at Schefter:

On Monday, Brady made his first public comments on the situation while speaking on his weekly “Let’s Go” podcast with Jim Gray, and the conversation revealed… very little. Brady was noncommittal when asked about his decision, saying he would need to take some time to reach a conclusion.

“You control what you can control. People want to be in front of the news often, and I totally understand that and understand that’s the environment we’re in,” Brady said. “But I think for me, it’s day to day for me, trying to do the best I can every day, and evaluate things as they come and try to make a great decision for me and my family.”

Brady also expressed some disappointment that the reports of his retirement dominated the weekend’s news cycle, even as the league’s two conference championship games were played to thrilling conclusions.

“I was a little big disappointed that (my situation) would play some part in what is going on in NFL football, which to me is such an amazing sport and it’s a great sport, and the focus should be on those great games,” Brady said. “You’re right, for me, I was trying to enjoy a nice weekend and it didn’t turn out that way because my phone got really busy, but that’s just part of being in the situation I’m in.”

Adam Schefter upstaged not only The GOAT, but also Conference Championship weekend.

The most important thing to Adam Schefter was that he would get credit as being the first to break the Brady retirement news.

Adam Schefter is officially out of control.

It is now no longer enough to be known as the best NFL reporter in the business. That’s not good enough for Adam Schefter. He wants more.

He wants to be the story, instead of just the guy who reports the story.

I wish Brady would have canceled his retirement plans and come back for another year purely to spite Adam Schefter. I really do. If only to knock Schefter down a peg.

Reporters, I hate to say it, have got to learn their place once again. We don’t care about them; we care about the people they report on–the athletes, the movie stars, the singers, the politicians, the business executives, the events, etc.

In today’s era of 24/7 cable news and social media, “The News” has become a massive part of our lives, and as a result, a lot of the people who report the news have become minor celebrities in their own right. It feels like a lot of these reporters have developed massive egos and are no longer content with being simply the people who report to the public what the rich, famous and powerful are up to.

Imagine how massive Adam Schefter’s ego must be for him to think that he should be a bigger story than the Greatest Of All Time hanging up the cleats.

And the Brady Retirement story isn’t the first time he’s done something like this. Remember when he tried to upstage the 2021 NFL Draft by dropping the Aaron Rodgers “bombshell” story on the same day?

Literally hours before the 2021 NFL Draft, when all eyes were on the NFL, Adam Schefter decided it was time to strike while the iron was hot: “AARON RODGERS WANTS OUT OF GREEN BAY!”

Why would he drop that on Draft Day? Was it because some news had just come to light and he was reporting it as it came in? No, not at all. The Rodgers story, Schefter said, was an accumulation of information and tidbits he’d become keen to after the 2020 NFL season ended. He simply chose to drop the story on Draft Day because… well he didn’t really provide a reason why:

We all know why he did it. He wanted to upstage the draft. He wanted to release the story at the moment of maximum potential impact, when the greatest number of people would see it–see him.

Suddenly, the story shifted away from the Draft and on to ADAM SCHEFTER.

“Schefty, tell us more!” “Schefty, what have you heard about this?!” “Is it really true, Schefty?”

And obviously Aaron Rodgers didn’t end up leaving Green Bay. He may leave during this offseason, but he did not leave last offseason.

Schefter was making it seem as if Aaron Rodgers would never play another snap for the Packers again, and that his departure from Green Bay was imminent. It wasn’t true.

But it did get Adam Schefter into the spotlight. It made everyone turn to Adam Schefter and BEG him for any more information on the Rodgers situation.

Because Rodgers was off on vacation in some tropical locale with his fiancée and wouldn’t comment on the story, Adam Schefter then became the center of the football world, which is exactly what Adam Schefter wanted.

This guy really thinks he’s the center of the NFL world.

Who knows what Schefty is scheming up for the eve of the Super Bowl? And this year’s draft, which is only a few months away? You have to figure Schefter has got some plan to try and upstage both events.

He doesn’t play football. He reports on football. And yet he apparently now thinks that he himself is more important than football.

He literally upstaged Tom Brady’s retirement. What an absolute scumbag move.

This guy needs to be knocked down a peg. And I think he will be, eventually. What’s the old saying? Pride and hubris come before one’s fall?

Adam Schefter’s ego is out of control right now.

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