The Lakers Front Office Sinks to YET ANOTHER New Low

They’ve done it again:

They barely waited for the final horn on the regular season. The news dropped almost immediately. We didn’t even have time to enjoy Austin Reaves’ performance.

Add Frank Vogel’s name to the list of people on this team that have been publicly thrown under the Buss and humiliated by the Lakers front office. He joins Russell Westbrook and even LeBron.

You don’t have to think Frank Vogel did a great job this season to also think what the Lakers are doing to him is disgraceful. Give the man at least a day before announcing to the world—but not to him personally—that he’s been relieved of his duties. Leaking this news to Woj immediately after the final game of the season ends is just an all-around unprofessional move.

Here is the original Woj tweet from about 11:30 central time, which was basically the second the Lakers-Nuggets game ended:

Do you see anything wrong with this?

What about the “a decision that’s expected to be shared with him as soon as Monday,” part?

The Lakers front office told Woj they were firing Vogel before they told Vogel.

Woj immediately tweeted it for the whole world to see, because that’s what Woj does. That’s the reason the Lakers told him about their decision.

Did they think Vogel wouldn’t find out or something? Are they under the impression that Frank Vogel is Amish and doesn’t have a cell phone?

Did they not realize reporters would be asking him about the Woj report immediately after the game?

I don’t get it. This is one of the most idiotic things I’ve ever seen.

This is such low and unprofessional behavior on the part of the Lakers front office.

Certainly Vogel did not have a good season from a coaching perspective. But he certainly tried to figure it out—the Lakers had the most combinations of starting lineups in the NBA. And his two best players missed significant time this year—in fact both this year and last year.

Not only this but he was saddled with a roster that was full of 36 year old veterans, and with Russell Westbrook, who is clearly not the player he once was.

Frank Vogel’s team in 2021—which also had to deal with injuries to LeBron and AD—had a 2-1 lead on the eventual Western Conference Champions. The front office panicked and blew up the roster. They saddled Frank Vogel with a roster that was probably never going to succeed, and then fired him after just one season.

This is a guy who has won a championship for the Lakers, and they just dragged him through the mud. Treated him like shit.

This is what I mean when I say the Lakers are the worst-run team in the league. This is completely unprofessional behavior. Nobody deserves to be treated like this—even if Vogel hadn’t won the Lakers a championship, you still don’t kick a coach to the curb this unceremoniously.

The Lakers front office has displayed a clear pattern of treating people like shit. The head coach that won them a championship? Kicked to the curb the second the season ended. Russell Westbrook? Slandered in the media by Lakers inside sources, anonymously of course.

They’re also trying to pin the Westbrook trade on LeBron and act like this team’s roster is all his fault.

Who would want to work for these people in charge of the Lakers? I mean, obviously they’ll have people lining up for this head coaching job because of LeBron and AD and the fact that it’s the Lakers and LA, but if you’re a potential head coaching candidate, would you want to put up with this crap? I wouldn’t.

What if LeBron is gone after next year? What if AD is injured again next season? This Lakers job then becomes significantly less attractive, doesn’t it?

I’ve been saying this whole time that LeBron needs to demand a trade to the Miami Heat. He needs to go back to that competent front office or else he’s going to retire with 4 rings.

If I were LeBron, I would not want to hitch my wagon to these people running the Los Angeles Lakers. Not only are they incompetent, but they also appear to be spiteful backstabbers who do not care about anybody but themselves.

Their main concern right now is with making sure it’s clear the blame for this disastrous season is placed anywhere but at the feet of the front office.

The fact that Vogel got fired while Pelinka and the Rambises get to keep their jobs tells you all you need to know about that organization. The people who built that terrible roster are still in power, while the coach who failed to win with that terrible roster (which also had its two best players injured for most of the year) gets fired.

As long as Jeanie Buss is in charge of that team, the Lakers are going nowhere. At best, all the winning they do will be done in spite of her and the front office, not because of them.

As a reminder, this is how bad the franchise has been since she took over in 2013:

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