A 2-Minute Video of Hakeem Olajuwon Dominating Michael Jordan

Why? Because you people need to understand that Michael Jordan was MORTAL, and that you only know him through highlight reels.

Courtesy of @ProvideContext on Twitter.

This is a big part of the reason I have Hakeem in my top-10 all time. He really was a monster. He was drafted #1 overall over MJ in 1984 and nobody ever mentions it. The only thing people mention from that draft is that the Blazers took Sam Perkins at #2.

But people need to realize that there is a real Michael Jordan that played in the NBA and bricked shots, turned the ball over, got his shot blocked and lost games. Too many people these days believe the highlight reel is the real MJ and that he was perfect every night and dominated everybody.

Hakeem wasn’t scared of MJ. They played each other 23 times in their careers and Hakeem won 13 times.

Michael didn’t want any bit of Hakeem.

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