This has to be an all-time great NBA playoff moment. Giannis throws down a monster dunk, then starts jawing at Al Horford. Horford doesn’t say anything, he just nods his head as if to say, “Okay. Keep talking your shit. We’ll see about it. I got something for ya.” And then he delivered.

Boston was losing by 4 at this point. They ended up winning the game. Horford finished with 30 points, 8 rebounds on 11-14 shooting, and was 5-7 from three. He played 42 minutes in the game and was Boston’s most valuable player on the floor, and they would not have won had he not had probably the game of his life. In the second half, after the Giannis dunk, Horford was 7-10 from the field for 19 points and a team-high +14 rating. 16 of those 19 points came in the 4th quarter.

He even yammed on on Giannis, too:

Simply incredible.

And this is a guy, Al Horford, who was basically put out to pasture after his one disappointing season with the 76ers in 2020. They sent him to OKC to basically waste away, but Brad Stevens went out and got him this offseason, bringing him back to Boston for another go-around. Horford is 36!

He may well have saved this series for Boston. They wouldn’t have won without his stellar performance.

If Boston goes on to win this series, The Al Horford Game will go down as the reason why. He was the one who sparked the turnaround. Remember, Boston was down 2-1 in the series prior to last night.

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