Joel Embiid Basically Calls James Harden Washed


Can’t imagine that’ll go over well in the locker room.

Man, the 76ers are a complete mess.

And honestly, in a vacuum, it’s hard to really rip them because with Embiid’s fractured orbital bone, his concussion, and the ligament tear in his hand, he’s clearly not been 100% in this series. He missed the first two games and Philly predictably lost.

What’s not excusable is this showing the Sixers put up in Game 6, facing elimination, at home. For them to not only lose that game but to pretty much get blown out (it was not as close as the 99-90 final score indicates)–that’s pretty unforgivable if you ask me.

But, then again, Embiid was clearly not 100% or anywhere near it.

And yet, the team appears to be unraveling.

Maybe Embiid thought he was defending James Harden by saying, “Look, you guys are expecting Harden to come out and average 36 and 10, but that’s just unrealistic. It’s unfair to him.”

I mean, it’s true. James Harden is no longer the player he once was. I don’t think that’s even deniable at this point. He may be better with a full offseason of work under his belt in Philly, but it doesn’t seem likely at this point. Right now, Harden looks like a guy who is only capable of going for 30+ on rare occasions. Most other nights he’ll give you 18 and 10 or something like that. He’s still a capable passer, playmaker and facilitator, but he’s not the elite scoring threat he used to be.

But I can’t imagine Harden will be too happy to hear Embiid’s comments.

Maybe Embiid just doesn’t care what Harden thinks. I mean, Harden had 2 field goal attempts and 0 points in the second half of last night’s game. That’s unacceptable. That’s just not even trying.

This is a pretty brutal situation in Philly, though. Many are expecting Doc Rivers to be fired, and if he is, at this point I don’t even think the Lakers would be willing to give him a shot. Doc Rivers is damaged goods at this point.

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