Woj Is a Snake

This video is very well made and exposes Woj for what he is: a PR mouthpiece for his friends around the league.

And a first-rate LeBron hater.

I never knew about all his Yahoo columns about LeBron from the 2000s. Wow. Woj might be a bigger LeBron hater than Skip and Screamin’ A Smith.

I don’t know how a guy could get so much wrong (LeBron to the Pistons in 2010?) and still fail upwards into a role as ESPN’s top NBA reporter making $7 mil a year.

And the fact that he—and therefore all of ESPN—didn’t even mention the KD story from a few weeks ago, this guy has no credibility.

Breaking news stories is only incidental to what Woj’s real job is: shilling for his friends around the league and badmouthing anyone who doesn’t give him insider access. If Woj breaks a story, it’s only because one of his friends want the story out there. It’s not because Woj is some expert sleuth reporter.

Least credible name in NBA reporting. Brian Windhorst, Chris Haynes and Shams are all leaps and bounds ahead of him.

Go check out that video. It’s from a good NBA channel called Heat Check, the guy who runs it puts out a ton of quality content.

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