Jalen Hurts Secures The Bag, Becomes Highest Paid Player in NFL History

But Lamar won an MVP 4 years ago!!!!!!!!!

You have to wonder if Schefter included that part at the end because of all the talk lately about Lamar not having an agent. Normally we don’t care about who the agent is that negotiated the contract, they’re not even part of the story really at all other than maybe a footnote. But now it’s starting to become more of a point of conversation given the Lamar situation.

So now Jalen Hurts becomes the latest quarterback drafted either the same year as Lamar or after Lamar to get a long term contract deal before Lamar does.

Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, and now Jalen Hurts. Hurts was drafted 2 years after Lamar was. Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert are next up and should have long term deals done over the next few months. They were both drafted in 2020 as well, two years after Lamar.

Hurts played 3 years on his rookie deal and then once it became clear that he had outperformed his contract and the Eagles wanted to lock him up long term, the two sides began negotiating the extension.

Three years in the NFL and bag secured for Jalen Hurts.

Lamar is on five years and counting… no bag secured.

Lamar has only himself to blame for this.

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