Zion Williamson is Insanely Efficient

Remember when people used to doubt Zion? “His weight!” “He doesn’t shoot the three!” “Injury-prone!”

Well, he’s played 41 of 41 games now this year and is averaging the following:

  • 25.7ppg
  • 7.0rpg
  • 3.4apg
  • 62.6% eFG
  • 65.9% True Shooting
  • 9.9 made field goals per game, 15.9 field goal attempts per game
  • 27.3 PER

25.7 points per game on 16 shots a night.

That is a ridiculous level of efficiency.

Now, a lot of it has to do with the fact that 74% of his field goal attempts have come within 0-3 feet of the basket. But this dude is unstoppable down there. It’s not like anyone can do this stuff. He makes it look easy.

Through his first 65 games, he is averaging more points per game than LeBron did through his first 65 games (24.5 vs. 20.7). He’s way better in terms of field goal percentage (60.7% vs. 41.4%). He’s way better from 3 (38.2% vs. 28.5%). He averages more rebounds (6.7 vs. 5.6).

This is not to say he’ll be better than LeBron, it’s just to point out how good Zion Williamson already is. He came into the NBA and didn’t miss a beat at all. It’s like there was no adjustment period for him. He went directly from dominating in college to dominating in the NBA.

Of the top 10 players in the NBA this year in terms of made field goals per game, Zion has by far the highest field goal percent:

All those guys are taking way more shots per game than Zion does.

He’s probably a top-15 player in the league already.

I don’t want to jump the gun on Zion and put him in the top-10, even though his numbers are top-10. We need to see more winning down in New Orleans before we can consider Zion a top-10 player.

The Pelicans are 19-24 right now and hold the 11 spot in the West. They’re 4 games out of the 8 spot.

Zion is only 20 years old right now, so let’s cut him some slack. LeBron didn’t make the playoffs until year 3.

Regardless, Zion is a truly special player. He is absolutely living up to the hype.

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