The Jets’ Disastrous Draft History

Mike Florio shared this graphic on his show yesterday showing the fate of the Jets’ first round picks since 2013:

Obviously there’s some busts in there. But there are also some good players in there, too: Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams. It’s not like the Jets pick busts every year.

This is encouraging for Sam Darnold and people who believe he can turn his career around. There is a precedent of high draft picks failing with the Jets but doing well on their second teams.

But when the Jets miss on a pick, they really miss on a pick. Dee Milliner has been out of the league since 2015. Calvin Pryor has been out of the league since 2017.

You can even go back to 2012: the Jets drafted Quinton Coples, a defensive end. He was out of the league by 2015. When the Jets miss, they miss big-time.

We all know how terrible the Jets are. This graphic explains why. It’s extremely important to hit on your first round picks. Otherwise, you become the Jets.

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