Why is LSU Only -3.5 Over Arkansas?

This is the strangest betting line I’ve seen for this week of college football, maybe all season:

LSU, who just beat Alabama, is only a 3.5 point favorite over Arkansas, who just lost to Liberty.


The game is at Arkansas, so that explains some of it, but this is overall very disrespectful to LSU, I think.

Vegas thinks they are due for a major emotional letdown after beating Alabama.

So could LSU be able to faceplant immediately after putting themselves in the driver’s seat to win the SEC West?

If LSU lost this game to Arkansas, it would open the door for Bama to possibly sneak in to the SEC Championship game, as it would give LSU a second conference loss to match Bama. LSU would still have to lose one more conference game than Bama in order for Bama to jump them in the standings, and Bama would have to win out. But typically when it comes to Bama, things have a way of working themselves out in their favor, even against steep odds.

You would think that after LSU’s big win over Alabama and Arkansas’ embarrassing loss to Liberty that LSU would be heavily favored, even on the road.

I think Arkansas +3.5 might a smart bet here today.

It feels like the dumbest bet ever. At first glance, LSU -3.5 against a bad Arkansas team that just lost to freaking Liberty seems like the biggest slam dunk/no brainer/smash play you’ve ever seen.

It seems like free money. Put your entire life savings on LSU right now, right?!

I don’t know.

That feels like a trap line to me.

It feels like Vegas wants all the dumb, impulsive average joes to hammer LSU -3.5.

Maybe it’s time to go against your first instinct here and bet Arkansas +3.5, even though it feels idiotic.

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