Guest post by FTP SEC insiders Hunter Jefferson Davis Reagan, and Carter Lee Dawson IV, who are based out of Oxford, Mississippi.

  1. Tennessee. They beat Bama, man. Nuff said. They might be hillbillies but they sure throwed the football around.
  2. Alabama: Lost to the number one team in the country on the road by a field goal at the end. Quality SEC road loss.
  3. Georgia: They just ain’t played as tough a schedule as Bammer has.
  4. Missouri: Look man, they scared the bejesus out of Georgia. Had a fourth quarter lead ‘n everything. Close SEC road losses ain’t easy to come by, man. 
  5. Texas: Almost beat Bama. Texas is back, and it’s because they joined the SEC. I don’t think it’s no coincidence.
  6. Kent State: Played Georgia tough, man. I will give them boys credit. Definitely the best football team in the Midwest. At least the best football team in Ohio!
  7. Ole Miss: We’ll try to be fair here. Lane’s team can score points but they don’t play no defense. 
  8. Mississippi State: One of the toughest teams in the country. This will not be an easy win for Bama. It would be extremely impressive if Bama were to beat this highly-ranked SEC opponent.
  9. Texas A&M: disgraced the SEC by losing to App State. But they almost beat Bama. 
  10. Clemson: ACC is a Mickey Mouse conference but at least they got SEC level players. 

Honorable mention: Michigan. Y’all already know Georgia beated the hell out of the Wolverines last year in the playoffs, but they sure put a lickin’ on Penn State last weekend. And Penn State must be good because they came down to Auburn and whipped them. So that must mean Michigan is pretty good. Definitely a lot better than Ohio State, who ain’t played nobody this year!

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